We offer private rates for a private room as well as for semi-private rates. Couples typically room together.

Insurance does NOT cover the private room but if a private room is available, there is an out-of-pocket monthly expense.

We accept both Medicare and Medicaid and private insurance. Please note that Humana & United Health Care do not typically cover entire traditional nursing home room and board costs or skilled therapy. These insurances will have to be checked for coverage.

If Medicaid is paying for room and board, all income is due to the nursing home at the first of the month (except SSI).

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

Yes, if your TOTAL resources are less than $2000.00 and if you receive a TOTAL income of less than $2200/ month.

If you have sold or transferred any property within the past five years, Medicaid will initiate a review of financial income.

Medicaid Helpline #: (800) 230-0690 can assist with any Medicaid questions you cannot answer questions.